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Prof. Emmanuel Ekanem.
LOC Chairman,
PANConf 2014.
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May I gladly welcome you to the website of PANCONF 2014. It has been both an honour and a challenge for Calabar to be chosen to host PANCONF2014. The first time Calabar had this honour, I was a final year medical student in the Medical School here and a recipient of the PAN Award for the best students in Paediatrics from various Universities. That may well have been what settled the matter of a career in Paeditrics in many of our young minds. Through the years and decades, a lot has changed but the old themes of survival remain.

Emphasis moved from sophisticated secondary and tertiary care to Primary Health Care. The Expanded Programme on immunization (later National Programme on Immunization), Oral Rehydration Therapy Strategy (we should always remember the late Professor Ransome Kuti as the earliest proponent of this), more Primary Health Care Centres, Comprehensive Health Care Centres, ...
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Prof. Emmanuel Ekanem.
LOC Chairman,
PANConf 2014.
May I gladly wish you a very merry season as we end 2013 and a most fruitful 2014. As usual, Calabar was agog, on the 26th and 27th of December with the Calabar carnival. It was truly colourful and attracted people from all over the globe. From South America, North America, Europe, Asia and different parts of Africa people filled the city. Typical of the city, all went peacefully and joyously. You needed to be here.

We consider it a foretaste of PANCONF 2014 in Calabar. Colleagues all over Nigeria and from Europe, the Middle East and North America have registered and will be participating. The faculty for the pre-conference workshops is ready. Prof. Etienne from Cape Town in South Africa and Prof. Phillip Abiodun from Benin Nigeria (under the auspices of the Nigerian Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition) will spearhead the workshops on Paediatric Gastroenterology and Endoscopy. ...
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Local Organising Committee Contact
Department of Paediatrics,
University of Calabar Teaching Hospital,
Calabar, Cross-River State,
Prof. Emmanuel Ekanem (Chairman)
Dr Sunday Ochigbo (Secretary)
Dr Happiness Ntia
Scientific Committee Contact
Prof. Martin Meremikwu (Chairman)
Dr Richard Archibong
Dr Komomo Eyong
Prof. Asindi Asindi (Adviser to the 2014 PANConf LOC)
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